An FTC ruling requires that blogs provide disclosures as to financial incentives or perhaps even as to mixed motives in posting on various matters, such as books, cool gadgets, or maybe even scholarly papers. While we don’t advertise on the Voir Dire Blog, we feel compelled to provide such a disclosure – we may somehow have financial or mixed incentives in our posts or other aspects of our blog. For instance, on the blog’s front page there is a big icon of our book and it would certainly make us happy if you bought a copy. To recap, we may or may not have financial or personal incentives in any of the content we provide on our blog and we may or may not spend most of our day twirling our mustaches, laughing like a villain from an old movie,  and thinking up other capers. If further explanation is needed, then Tim Ferriss has a pretty good take on this situation on his blog here.