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Trading cards for presidents?

Collectible presidential trading cards – an entirely new way to invest for retirement – without mutual fund fees. 🙂

There’s President Ronald Reagan

President George Washington

President George W. Bush

President Barack Obama cards

But for the serious collector there is this signed photo of President George H.W. Bush and Babe Ruth

Who knew that ‘Dirty Dancing’ was so political?

H/T Althouse

Belated Labor Day post

Inspiring tales for new college graduates

Our old pal Buzzfeed has a post on people who had some tough times in their twenties before eventually becoming successful. Now is perhaps an appropriate time to tell such stories as thousands of 22 year old college graduates are starting their careers. There are people you recognize here — Jon Hamm, Kristin Wigg, and other celebrities — in fact almost the entire list is from the entertainment industry in one form or another. So, if I had to give some advice I would say, um, uh …. if there’s a good take away from this list of stories it would be uh … be very good looking, yes, that’s it … be attractive ….

1. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

At 27, Hamm couldn’t find any work and was dropped by the William Morris Agency. He vowed to quit acting if he couldn’t get his career rolling by 30. Fortunately, he landed a role on the NBC drama Providence at age 29.

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That’s pretty punny – the Pun World Championship

From 1995 … the requirement is that you make a pun using the name of a country … it’s pretty brutal … may cause slight nausea. H/T Buzzfeed.

Nixon meets Robocop

That is all.


The American arcade …

From The Verge – a really interesting video on the life and death of the American arcades that were popular before everyone started playing their video games at home on their couch.