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Binge-watching with Obama

From Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg View:

Obama hearted “Cards” just a few weeks ago when he took aside Netflix Inc. Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings at a White House meeting of technology gurus to discuss problems with Obama said he wished he could be “ruthlessly efficient” like Kevin Spacey’s Machiavellian character, Frank Underwood, who is “getting a lot of stuff done.” His skill set includes killing, sleeping with a reporter who prints his every word, and conspiring with his wife to do in the politicians who deprived him of his appointment to be secretary of state.

Today, in 1863, Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address

The new Behavioral Science & Policy Association

The new Behavioral Science & Policy Association (BSPA) is hosting a membership drive.

“Why OSHA was created”

Graph of the Day

The effect of debt ceiling strategizing on policy uncertainty:

Source: Econbrower.

It is hard to destroy nerve gas

That, too, is a slow process, said Kuhlman. Construction on an incinerator at Deseret Chemical Depot in Utah, which held 45 percent of the nation’s chemical weapons stockpile, started in 1989. Testing began in 1994, and it became operational in 1996, he said. It took two years to destroy a supply of nerve-agent weapons that was similar to the size of Syria’s estimated stockpile. The entire Utah project took 15 years.

Source: Bloomberg.

“The Future of the Book”?