In Alien v. Predator – who would you be? Or, why breaking into legal academia is like purgatory for some people

I love great matchups – Alien v. Predator, Ali v. Frazier, Laverne v. Shirley (no, wait that’s a friendship, although I always saw them more as sort of ‘frenemies’). Recently, we have witnessed a small flurry of blogging on the difficulties that non-elite school graduates face in attempting to break into legal academia. Posts on this are available on the Faculty Lounge, Prawfsblawg, and Concurring Opinions among others. Indeed, one non-eltite grad commentator likens breaking into legal academia without an elite degree to being in purgatory.

So, if this were the great matchup of Alien v. Predator what camp would the elite grads and the non elite grads fall into? Somehow I see the non elites as Alien and the elites as Predator – it’s just a feeling. 

Recently, the Aliens (non-elites) have struck back at the Predators (elites) for years of snubbing and bias by denying one of the elites a coveted honor. President Barack Obama (a Harvard grad and former University of Chicago professor of law) was denied the traditional honorary doctorate when he gave the commencement speech at Arizona State University. So, Aliens = 1, Predators = 0. Although, as the Daily Show reports it, maybe not so much….

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