Moneyball investment through social science hiring?

Maybe. On Law School Reports Blog, Leiter revisits the fate of Northwestern School of Law who apparently had an exodus of excellent faculty about 5 years or so ago. He notes that any pessimistic predictions didn’t come to fruition – the school made investments in faculty – including social science faculty such as Albert Yoon, Andrew Koppelman, and Ronald Allen, among others (although he certainly should have included Lee Epstein – a huge hire) – and these faculty have remained and, of course, done very well. He adds that a number of schools have a strong presence in social science, including Michigan, Cornell, and Berkeley, but that the top 5 haven’t made “extensive investments” in social science. As I read their web pages there is certainly investment, so I guess it depends on your definition of “extensive”. On the general topic of moneyball hiring, Jeff Harrison had an interesting guest-post (and set of comments) a while back concerning the meaning of diversity hiring on Concurring Opinions.

To follow up on a prior post, I also see on Law School Reports Dean Chemerinsky’s reply to all of the discussion on tenure – in short, he plans to have it at UC-Irvine. For what it’s worth, Jack Balkin had an interesting post (and set of comments) on this issue on his blog.

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